We will be upgrading from Kaltura to Kaltura Cloud in April 2022.

What is Kaltura?

Kaltura is the video management system used by Langara College. You may know it as My Media or MediaSpace. Kaltura is used for storing, publishing, streaming, and sharing videos, video collections, and other types of media.

Why are we upgrading?

Our video files are currently stored on servers at UBC as part of a province-wide shared service. Unfortunately, this arrangement is ending and we must move our videos to new storage and adopt a new streaming service. To keep things as simple as possible and maintain a consistent experience, we've decided to move to Kaltura's Canadian cloud storage and media streaming platform, Kaltura Cloud.

The benefits of this upgrade include:

  • Improved speed.
  • Additional features.
  • Improved login process.
  • Direct communication with Kaltura.
  • Improved and faster support directly from Kaltura.

Migration Timeline

It is important for Langara's Kaltura users to keep the following key dates in mind:

April 24–28, 2022 – Migration process will take place. Videos may not be available during this window.

To ensure that all content is migrated successfully, do not upload content between 11:59 pm on April 23 and 11:59 pm on April 28. If you need to share media with students during this time, contact EdTech. As part of the migration process, video links and embeds will be updated in BrightSpace.

Links and embeds on iWeb and CourseWeb sites and the Learning Object Repository (LOR) will need to be manually updated. If you need assistance updating your content, contact EdTech.

As we get closer to our transition date, we will share more information about what to expect and introduce updated support resources and workshops.

Need more information?

See our Kaltura Migration FAQs.

Contact edtech@langara.ca with your questions, comments, or concerns.