This page provides resources to support the development of baccalaureate, non-baccalaureate (citation, certificate, diploma, associate degree, and post-degree diploma), and Continuing Studies programs.

Here's what you need to know to get started:

Policy F1010: New Program Development

New Program Development: How to Develop a New Program at Langara College

New Program Development Flowcharts

Baccalaureate Development Flowchart

Certificate, Associate Degree, Diploma and Post-Degree Development Flowchart

New Program Development Templates

Langara faculty and staff can access the following templates at myLangara :

For baccalaureate degree programs:

  • Degree Concept Paper Template
  • DQAB Stage 1 Review Template
  • Degree-Leve Full Program Proposal Template

For citations, certificates, diplomas, associate degrees and post-degree programs:

  • PSIPS Concept Paper Template
  • Feasibility Study Template
  • PSIPS Proposal Template

For Continuing Studies credentialed programs:

  • Continjuing Studies Concept Paper Template
  • Continuing Studies Feasibility Study Template
  • Continuing Studies Proposal Template

Curriculum Reference Guide

The Curriculum Reference Guide aims to provide consistent and clear direction to all Langara faculty, instructors and staff involved in completing or reviewing Education Council curriculum documents. The Guide is divided into 2 sections: the first for program proposals, the second for course proposals.

Click here for the Curriculum Reference Guide