The Academic Planning Committee is committed to the development of a comprehensive framework for Langara's future academic success. The committee is chaired by Dr. Brad O'Hara, Langara's Vice-President Academic and Provost.

Committee members:

Brad O’Hara, Vice-President Academic & Provost
Leelah Dawson, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Management
Marg Heldman, Dean, Faculty of Science
Julie Longo, Dean, Faculty of Arts
Gerda Krause, Chair, Mathematics & Science Division
Tomo Tanaka, Chair, Creative Arts Division
Sarah Bowers, Chair, Educational Technology Department
Spencer Dane, Chair, School of Management
Tess MacMillan, Chair, English Department
Janet Ready, Chair, Recreation Department
Glenn Harris, Facilitator

The Academic Planning Committee (APC) will act in an advisory capacity to the Vice-President, Academic and Provost, who is ultimately responsible for the academic plan presented for institutional approval and the associated planning process.

In fulfilling this role, the APC:

  • designs and monitors all steps in the academic planning process
  • conducts its own activities in accordance with the project plan
  • draws on input from the consultation process and other information sources to identify issues, opportunities and strategies for possible inclusion in the academic plan
  • reviews and comments on versions of the plan document in the course of its development
  • plays an ongoing role (as a committee and as individuals) in campus communication about the academic plan

It is understood that, in addition to engaging fully in the activities of the Academic Planning Committee as a whole, committee members as individuals may be asked to take on various tasks specified within the detailed project plan. Such work will, of course, be subject to mutual agreement.