Langara College is pleased to provide support for student clubs in an effort to enhance student life offerings on campus.  Students who wish to establish a recognized club on campus must complete the online application form and make an appointment with the Officer, Student Engagement Programs. Applications can be picked up and submitted at any time of the year in the Hub (room A140).  

Official club status for all clubs will expire on August 31 of each academic year, therefore, clubs who wish to renew their status must submit a new application package with updated information. Applications will require the endorsement from the Club Recognition Committee in order to be considered for official club status. Final approval will be granted by the College’s Risk Management senior officer. Contact for more information.

See below for clubs that are currently active for the 2016/2017 academic year and open to Langara College students. For further information on a particular club, e-mail the club representative at the e-mail address provided. We accept club renewals and new applications throughout the year. Apply to start a club today.


Langara Art Club:

The Art Club aims to engage students at Langara by sharing the same interest and passion for art. We want to improve our skills while socialising, supporting each other and making connections with all of our members. We believe that everyone is an artist, either through the creation of art work, business models, or new computer software.

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Langara French Club:

The Langara French Club's goal is to introduce students to the French culture and to expose them to a diverse group of like-minded students.

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Langara Accounting Club:

Our goal is to support our members in pursuing an accounting career by helping them become well rounded individuals.

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Langara Business Association:

The LBA aims to engage business students on campus through networking and educational activities that foster a culture of community.

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Langara Competitions Club:

The Langara Competitions Club is Langara’s premier student organization dedicated to developing practical business prowess, enabling networking opportunities, and facilitating local and global business competitions.

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Langara Economics Club:

The club seeks to educate potential investors about different styles, techniques and strategies pertaining to long term investments.

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Social Sciences and Humanities

Langara Classical Studies Club:

The Classical Studies club brings people together from all disciplines who share a love for the ancient world, whether it’s through the Classical Studies department, or simply a passion for gladiator sandals. Caspediem, and join our club!

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Langara Philosophy Club:

The Langara Philosophy Club offers a welcoming, inclusive, and stimulating intellectual environment to address important moral issues and various philosophical topiics. For those who already love philosophy, for those wishing to meet like-minded classmates, or for new students who are simply curious, our club is the best space to practise critical thinking skills and discuss big ideas. Most importantly, however, the Langara Philosophers believe in challenging the conception of philosophy as merely intellectual. Philosphers - i.e. "lovers of wisdom" - are uniquely situated to offer valuable commentaries on matters of right and wrong and provide insights into the many social injustices that affect us. It is with such perspective, that we feel it is not merely enough to converse in today's times. We believe in turning wisdom into action. The Langara Philosophy Club is a unique venue in which students will not only exchange ideas, but begin actively working towards practical solutions with other students.

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Langara Psychology Club:

Our goal is to strengthen student knowledge of psychology, and to assist them with any questions they may have about the field.

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Science and Technology

Langara Biology Club Evolved:

The Langara Biology Club Evolved is a student run organization that exists to provide a learning environment for biology students that fosters professional and personal growth in both an academic and social setting.

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Langara Space and Astronomy Club:

The Langara Space and Astronomy Club brings together students who have a passion for space. If you have any interest in space you are welcome to join.

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Canadian Nursing Students Association - Langara:

CNSA’s objective is to create a multi-term community within Langara, providing networking opportunities with professionals and other nursing schools as well as growth and leadership opportunities for students.

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Student Nurse Advocacy Program – Langara:

SNAP’s purpose is to provide confidential, safe spaces for dialogue between nursing students, supported by faculty where those in higher terms can guide those in lower terms.

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Langara Digital Club:

The Langara Digital Club is a social media academy founded to fill club member’s portfolios with relevant industry experience from mastering major social media channels, learning how to create engaging content to grasping graphic design & DSLR photography basics.

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Langara Drawing Club:

As a group of drawing-enthusiasts, we meet on a regular basis in order to improve our skills, exchange ideas with one another, and to simply just draw and have a great time!

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Langara Music Initiative Club:

Our goal in the Langara Music Initiative Club is to provide students with a space to practice, perform, and get to know other musicians on campus. We will provide performance opportunities in collaboration with other clubs, local events, and seniors homes in the Vancouver area. The programs we offer include choir, guitar lessons, orchestra, and rock bands!

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Garuda Indonesia – Langara Association:

Our objective is to unite fellow Indonesian students at Langara College, as well as to inform and promote Indonesian culture to the community.

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Hillel Jewish Students Association – Langara:

Our goal is to foster a pluralistic environment in which discussions and lifelong connections between Jewish and non-Jewish students can occur.

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Langara Aboriginal Students Association:

LASA is open to all students who would like to be engaged in Indigenous topics and issues. Come and join us as we learn about and celebrate Indigenous culture. We will fundraise and host various indigenous events throughout the year.

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Langara Mandarin Club:

We are a group of Langara students interested in improving our Chinese Language skills and gaining a better understanding of the Chinese culture. All levels of Chinese language speakers are welcome. Let’s have fun and learn more about China!

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Langara Chinese Students and Scholars Association:

Our goal is to help Chinese students fit into their new lives and provide support.

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Langara Giddha Club:

The Giddha Club promotes Punjabi culture through a traditional dance form called Giddha, while uniting all Punjabi dance and song lovers at Langara.]

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Langara Japan Club:

Our goal is to introduce the beauty and culture of Japan to Langara students, and provide a place for members to practice the language with other Japanese speakers.

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Langara Latin Club:

Our goal is to bring together people who want to learn and be part of the latin community. Join a variety of activities from the Latin American culture.

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Langara Sikh Association:

This club's purpose is to facilitate interfaith dialogue and awareness through community service and campus involvement, as well as to share and promote Sikh faith and heritage in order to achieve understanding and friendship.

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Langara South Asian Club:

The South Asian Club was created to promote the South Asian culture and provide more diversity on campus. Through this club we want to help all students and share the beautiful South Asian culture with others.

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Every Nation Campus - Langara:

We engage students with fun activities and meaningful conversations, encouraging them to find their purpose throughout their school lives. We also organize workshops on leadership for students to learn and practice how to work as a team and become leaders.

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Langara Focus Club:

The Langara Focus Club, or the Friendship of Overseas College and University Students Club, is a socially informative club where students can build strong relationships, discuss meaningful life questions, explore Canada, and simply have fun.

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Langara International Socialists:

Our club holds information forums about socialism and organizes, along with other campus groups, realistic solutions to oppression, climate change, economic crisis and war.

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Langara Love Your Neighbour Club:

We are an international volunteer society that encourages people from different age groups and ethnicities to help their community.

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Power 2 Change - Langara:

Our purpose is to engage students on spiritual matters and engage in deeper discussions about life and how faith in Jesus is related.

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Langara Anime Club:

The Anime club is full of people who share similar interest in anime and Japanese pop culture. We gather regularly and have fun activities ranging from serious cosplay design to casual board games. Some possible activities include: Community events, anime discussion, cosplay design, cooking workshop, group games and much more.

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Langara Christians Club:

Our purpose is to study the Bible, reason out the truth together, and make Jesus known, while encouraging one another towards love and good deeds. We hope to change the hearts and lives of many with the gospel, and build lovign and lasting relationships with the people at and around Langara. We welcome anyone to join the club, not just Christians.

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Langara Digital Club:

The Langara Digital Club is a social media academy founded to fill club member’s portfolios with relevant industry experience from mastering major social media channels, learning how to create engaging content to grasping graphic design & DSLR photography basics.

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Langara English Corner:

The purpose of this club is to provide cultural exchange opportunities, and the chance to make friends while practicing conversational English. Through volunteering, students can learn how to be more involved in the community. It’s a great way to learn about diverse languages – students also do activities during which they can learn about different cultural backgrounds.

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Langara eSports Association:

We aim to create a gaming community at Langara where people of like interests can meet and compete with each other.

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Langara Muslim Students Association:

The Langara Muslim Students Association strives to provide an Islamic environment on campus for both Muslims and those interested in learning about Islam.

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Langara Pride Club:

The purpose of the Langara Pride Club is to create a social and safe space for those in the queer community.

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Langara Sustainability Club:

Our purpose is to improve the sustainability of Langara by raising funds for infrastructure projects and student engagement.

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Langara Airsoft Club:

Our aim is to educate and learn, while having fun playing airsoft in a safe and professional manner. Need to be 18+ to play on airsoft field.

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Langara Chess Club:

The Chess Club provides those interested with a place to learn, practice, and enjoy the game of chess.

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Langara Dragon Boat Team – Langara Ligers:

The Langara Ligers Dragon Boat Team competes at local races in Vancouver and Richmond. We love to win, but being social and meeting new people is a big part of why we paddle! With a silver medal at the Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival in 2016, we’re looking to recruit committed individuals to bring home the gold in 2017.

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Langara Kendo Club:

Our club offers the chance to try Kendo – a Japanese Martial Art of bamboo sword fighting. Regular practices every week also promote health and a balanced mind.

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Langara Run Club:

The Langara Run Club brings together like-minded runners at Langara College that believe they were born to run. The Langara Run Club promotes healthy living and longer, healthier lifestyles.

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Langara Touch Rugby Club:

Our club aims to connect students with a passion to play a friendly game of rugby and improve their understanding of the game.

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Langara Ultimate Club:

Join us and play Ultimate Frisbee in a team setting. We toss around, play games, attend tournaments, as well as host social events. Whether you’re new to the sport or an experienced player, this is a great way to improve your game and make new friends.

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Langara Weightlifting, Strength, and Conditioning Club:

The newly revised Strength and Conditioning Club at Langara. Learn how to lift, become more agile, mobile and flexible, while improving your overall fitness and health.

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Langara Yoga Club:

We aim to provide extremely low cost yoga and meditation to students, and volunteer opportunities for yoga instructors. Yoga can help reduce stress, improve mental clarity while encouraging physical activity, and improve overall wellbeing for Langara students.

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