In the event of a mail service disruption at Canada Post, students may pick up and drop off documents related to their student loans at the Registrar and Enrolment Services office.

StudentAid BC will be couriering Master Student Financial Assistance Agreements (MSFAA), Part-Time Certificates of Eligibility documents, labour market grant cheques and/or BC Supplemental Bursary for Students with a Permanent Disability (SBSD) cheques to Langara for distribution to students.  Langara will be processing MSFAAs and Part-Time Certificates of Eligibility by vetting and photocopying students' identification and banking information and couriering them to the National Student Loans Service Centre. Langara is supporting other post-secondary institutions by agreeing to receive and courier online Declarations for all students applying for student loans, even if the student is attending another institution.  These procedures may change when we receive more information from Canada Post, StudentAid BC, and National Student Loans.  Please check back here for updates.

Tuition (Fee) Deferrals for students with approved student loans. 

Summer SWAP Application is now available.

Click here to apply for the Fall 2016 Youth-in-Care Bursary Application: Apply Now.

Students who find themselves in a financial dilemma or an emergency are advised to come to the Registrar and Enrolment Services Office, Monday to Friday between 1000 and 1600 hours. 

Please note: that students who are enroled in half semester courses may not be eligible for student loan funding.  Please see the Registrar and Enrolment Services Office for options.

Use our COST OF STUDY TOOL to determine tuition costs approved for student loan funding.

  1. For a breakdown of first and second year tuition costs by credit click here.
  2. For a breakdown of third and fourth years tuition costs by credit click here.

For further information, please contact the Financial Aid Department at or 604-323-5376.

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