Contact Information for Arts & Science Departments

Access Langara 604-323-5471 A303g
Anthropology 604-323-5719 B010l (email preferred)
Art History 604-323-5740 B019c
Asian Studies 604-323-5842 A207 Check schedule at B247q or email
Astronomy 604-323-5337 T300A Check schedule at T300A or email
Biology 604-323-5976 T420a Check schedule at T420a or email
Canadian Studies 604-323-5378 T400a Check schedule at T400a or email
Chemistry 604-323-5358 T500a Check schedule at A268d or email
Classical Studies 604-323-5481 B247c
Computing Science & Information Systems 604-323-5853 B019c Check schedule at B246h or email
Dietetics 604-323-5268 B247o
Economics 604-323-5511 B153o Check schedule at B153o or email
English 604-323-5391 A202c Check schedule at A202c or email
Environmental Studies 604-323-5907 A240e
Family Studies 604-323-5257 B252m Check schedule at B252m or email
Geography & Geology 604-323-5909 A240f Contact the Geography Department Chair at  
Health Sciences 604-323-5476 T420b Check schedule at T420b or email
History 604.323.5832 B247b Check schedule at B247b or email
Interdisciplinary Studies 604-323-5378 T400a Check schedule at T400a or email
Kinesiology 604-323-5490 B029i
Latin American Studies 604-323-5788 A118f Check schedule at A118f or email
Latin & Greek 604-323-5481 B247c Check schedule at B247c or email
Mathematics and Statistics 604-323-5583 B154f For advising times other than at MDT sessions, please send email to or check the schedule at B154f.
Modern Languages 604-323-5903 604-323-5912 A345a A241c Check schedules on instructors' doors or email:,, or

Faculty listing: here
Chinese 604-323-5260 A345c
French 604-323-5468 A241d





Spanish 604-323-5903 A345b
Peace & Conflict Studies 604-323-5392 B247l Check schedule at B247l or email
Philosophy 604-323-5453 A382c
Physics 604-323-5361 A382c Check schedule at A382c or email
Political Science 604-323-5681 B247i Check schedule at B247i or email
Psychology 604-323-5257 A264b
Religious Studies 604-323-5739
Call 604-323-5739 or visit room B019d
Call 604-323-5737 or visit room B247p
School of Management, BBA 604-323-5255 B253p
Check schedule at B253 or email
Sociology 604-323-4720 B101m
Women's Studies 604-323-5370 A118g Check schedule at A118g or email

Career & Limited Enrolment Programs

Aboriginal Studies 604-323-5989 A167a
Applied Planning 604-323-5710 A326b
Applied Science for Engineering 604-323-5790 B154h
Co-operative Education 604-323-5292 C121
Computer Studies 604-323-5853 B019c
Commerce Transfer 604-323-5255 B253p
Computer Science & Info Systems (all programs) 604-323-5853 B019c
Criminal Justice

Design Formation 604-323-5529 A101c
Early Childhood Education 604-323-5769 B148e
Education Assistant 604-323-5774 B148k
Engineering Transfer 604-323-5790 B154h
Film Arts 604-323-5024 A240c
Fine Arts 604-323-5706 B007
Journalism 604-323-5395
Library & Information Technology 604-323-5364 L314
Nursing/ Nursing Transition 604-323-5320 A360
Nutrition & Food Service Management 604-323-5268 B247o
Professional Photography 604-323-2479 A291a
Publishing 604-323-5432 A244a
Recreation Leadership 604-323-5276 B029h
Recreation Management (BRM) 604-649-4836 B029m
School of Management - Regular/Baccalaureate Studies
  • Accounting
  • Business Administration (BBA)
  • Business Management
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Services
  • International Business Management
  • Marketing Management
604-323-5255 B253p
School of Management - Post-Degree Diplomas
  • Accounting (Post-Degree)
  • Business Administration (Post-Degree)
  • Marketing Management (Post-Degree)
604-323-5860 B253p
Social Service Worker 604-323-5772 B148i
Theatre Arts at Studio 58 604-323-5652