Langara College collects the information you provide here in compliance with Section 26 of the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act [RSBC 1996, c. 165]. The information you provide will remain confidential and will only be used by the Fine Arts Department to assess your application to the program and for contact information while you are applying to the program. 

Full Name:

Home Phone:

Cell Phone:


Mailing Address:

Langara College Student Number
(if known)

Creative Arts Background and Interests

1. What high school did you attend.  Indicate year of graduation.

2. What previous educational background do you have in the Creative Arts? This may include visual arts, design, drama, music, dance, photography, film, creative writing or poetry.

3. Which artists, designers, art movements, galleries or exhibitions that you've seen have influenced you to study Fine Arts as a field of study? Why or how have they influenced you? (Minimum 80 words and maximum 150 words).

Work Experience

4.  Describe any paid or volunteer experiences you've had.

Educational and Career Goals:

5.  What are your long-term educational goals? If you have an idea of which specific program you would like to move into after Langara, let us know.

6.  What are your career aspirations?

Choosing Langara College:

7.  Why are you choosing to study Fine Arts at Langara College?

8.  How did you become aware of our program?

9. Please list in order of preference the programs you are applying to at Langara.

Please list your first, second and third languages

If you don’t have a grade of 80% in BC High School English, you will have to write the LET test. To be eligible to take any Fine Arts courses, you must score a level3 or higher on the test. It will also determine which English course you should take.

Time Management:

10.  Which program scenario is most likely to meet your available time commitment:

Full time (6 courses per semester).

Part time (2-3 courses per semester).

*These are typical course loads. It may be possible to do some of the academic course work during spring and summer sessions (English and/or Art History).

Basic Program Requirements:

11.  I understand that I must achieve a minimum of ‘C’ in Drawing and Design each term before progressing to any studios for the following term. 

12.  I understand that I must complete Introduction to Drawing I and II and Introduction to Design I and II, four studio electives and six credits of Art History before I am eligible to be considered for registration in any second year studio courses. 

13.  Additional comments or questions about your application to Fine Arts. 

Accept Terms: