The Design Formation (formerly Display+Design) program at Langara College merges the design disciplines of spatial formation and communication design. This challenging area of design bridges architecture, industrial design, interior design and graphic design. Students become familiar with a wide-ranging skill set that can be applied to everything from retail display to exhibit design to environmental graphic design, or as a basis for further study in design.

Design Formation prepares students to conceive, develop, and execute the design of spatial environments from first to last interaction. Through studio work, classroom study, field trips and employer-based practicums, students will encounter a wide range of projects and design disciplines such as brand-driven retail, exhibition spaces, themed events and set design.

Because of the unique nature of the DF program, the department focuses on instilling in the students a comprehensive foundation of skills that are required for design, specifically to understand design as a process. The issues covered through the DF program include research, concept development, design development and execution, materials and fabrication, client management, and presentation.

Students will be introduced to sustainable practices, ergonomics, and technological applications. Both 3D and 2D design are explored at a variety of scales in order to understand how effective communication is achieved through each dimension of the physical environment. Through a nuanced understanding of how the physical environment can be composed, designers can create smart and appropriate design methods for each unique design problem.

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