The Volunteer Coordinator Certificate Program offers professional development for those interested in working with volunteers, or who are currently working with volunteers but would like to understand volunteerism and how become more effective in working with a volunteer base. This five course program will prepare learners for the unique, challenging, and rewarding work of coordinating volunteers.  Please note, not all courses are run every term.

Program Courses (all five must be completed to earn the certificate):

CVCP 1100 Introduction to Volunteer Management - 36 hours

CVCP 1101 Volunteer Recruitment and Training - 24 hours

CVCP 1102 Managing and Motivating Volunteers - 36 hours

CVCP 1103 Risk Management For the Volunteer Sector - 18 hours

CVCP 1104 Personal Information and Privacey: Understanding and Applying the Privacy Acts - 12 hours

Courses may be taken in any order provided any pre-requisites are met.

Participants have three years to complete the program.

For more information, contact Eleanor Clarke @ 604-323-5133 or