Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy

The helping profession is constantly seeking ways of knowing and responding to human suffering and passion. The premise of our work is that art and its modes of expression are a way to explore and support psychological transformation through the imagination and the act of forming and sharing.

We offer an integrative arts-based therapy training program, with an emphasis on theatre, drama, movement, visual arts and creative writing first of its kind in BC - running since 2004.

Education take place within small groups, of optimally 12 students in a class, which move through the program together, as to keep with an high educational level and personal support network.

The program is well balanced in providing academic and studio-based learning, as well as supervised practice in the community.

Through Langara College we offer students with a full support in finding you a practicum placement, and can offer you a wide range of practicum experiences. Students get a weekly Expressive Arts Therapy supervision and support in class format, and can get more on-site. Thanks for our students' continuously high level of therapy services in the practicum placements, we get repetitively many requests from the community for more students.

If you wish to explore and learn to wave psychological life with imagination and creativity into a therapeutic practice, we would be happy to hear from you and to see you in our next Information Session.


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