Expressive Arts Therapy

Expressive Arts Therapy

The helping profession is constantly seeking ways of knowing and responding to human suffering and passion. The premise of our work is that art and its modes of expression are a way to explore and support psychological transformation through imagination and communication.

We offer an integrative arts-based therapy training program, with an emphasis on theatre, drama, movement, visual arts and criative writing first of its kind in BC - running since 2004. Throughout innovative courses we evoke and respond to the students' natural curiosity and passion to immerse themselves in creativty and the exploration of psychological life; to foster a quality of openness in the students whereby they are able to face up to themselves with insightful honesty; and to teach students to facilitate and integrate creative expression and imaginative process into therapeutic practice to support personal and interpersonal transformation. Through Langara college we offer students with a full support and a wide range of practicum experiance.

  • All the photos on this website and in the information guide are authentic, from the Langara's Expressive Arts Therapy Training. 


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