Art of DSLR Video Camera and Lighting

Designed for the student whose interest lies in the visual exploration of the cinematic image.

The Art of DSLR Video Camera and Lighting Certificate Program is a 16-week  professional video training program designed for students who wish to pursue training in the expanding area of DSLR camera and lighting technology. Students will need their own DSLR cameras and should check with the program coordinator which ones are acceptable. 

This is an exciting technically creative integrated program where students can explore professional practices and work in a variety of dramatic genres, including music videos and documentary shooting. Students work in the various camera crew roles, shoot group excercises go on to develop and shoot personal projects and learn how to edit using final cut pro.

Students will be introduced to the DSLR camera format, grip, lighting and spfx work from expert working Instructors.

The program aims to give students the tools to be all round videographers, able to work on their own films as well as in the independent and broadcast sectors in the Vancouver film and Video industry, across Canada and internationally.

Please check the full program for details.

The Digital Film Program participates in the Lifetime Alumni Program which means that students who achieve certification in the program are able to take any course in the Part time Digital Film Certificate Program for  free for the rest of their life. With the Lifetime Alumni Program, graduate students can come back to upgrade their skills at no cost. For information on the policies and restrictions for the Lifetime Alumni Program please talk to Annat Kennet, Program Coordinator

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