For over 10 years, publishers have redefined the concept of “textbooks” through content and technology innovations. Student and faculty benefit from countless options created to serve all kinds of learners and be cost-effective. Among them: digital and online textbooks, adaptive learning programs, downloadable single chapters, mobile apps, customizable textbooks and multiplatform supplemental resources.

Online Access Portals

An access code is a password used to access course content online.  The kind of content depends on the course but may include practice exam questions, interactive videos, and course assignments and e-books.  If an access code is required by your instructor, it will be used as a learning tool and will be required for a portion of your grades.

It is usually less expensive to purchase an inclusive course pack on campus, when available, rather than purchasing available new or used texts separately and then purchasing an access portal later. 

e-Book FAQ

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What is an e-Book?

An e-Book is the digital equivalent of a printed textbook that you can purchase access to for a specific period of time

Why would I buy an e-Book?

e-Books are a convenient way of accessing your course materials. They usually cost less than printed books and they reduce your carbon footprint.

What do I need in order to use my e-Book?

You will need a computer or mobile device that meets the system and browser requirements of the e-Book. You will also need access to the internet and the access code provided on the card or the receipt.

How do I find e-Books in the Bookstore?

Our e-Book cards are located in the course materials area under the specific course and section or they are available from the cashier. Locate the course and section on the shelves and you will be directed to the appropriate avenue. For e-Books that are on the shelf, simply take the card to the cashier – the access code/s will be provided on your receipt.

How do I find e-Books online?

e-books that are being used for a specific course can be found under that courses listing in the Bookstore's online store. Other e-Books can be found through our list of free e-Books

How do I read an e-Book?

Web-based e-Books allow you to access and use your E-Book from any computer connected to the Internet.

What is included in an e-Book?

If the title includes the word “e-Book” the entire content of the printed textbook is reproduced.  In some cases, your purchase includes access to the online homework assignment system for the textbook (ie. myAccountingLab).  In these cases, the name of the system will be noted in the title as well.

Can I use an e-Book on my mobile device?

To enable your apple or android mobile device to use certain E-Books, go to and download the free app.

Can I return my e-Book?


Are e-Books accessible to people with disabilities?

If the publisher has enabled the 'Read out loud' feature, the E-Book can be read out loud by your computer. Please contact Langara Disability Services for more information regarding the resources available for students with disabilities.

How long do I have access to an e-Book?  Is there a time limit on reading e-Books?

Restrictions for web-based e-Books are put in place by the publishers and are usually detailed on the purchase card. Generally, your access will expire a minimum of 180 days after purchase.

Can I print or copy text from an e-Book?

If the publisher has enabled printing, then yes, you can print pages from your e-Book. Printing is generally limited to the number of pages in the book. (ie. you can print the entire book once over)

Can I read my e-Book without being connected to the Internet?

With web-based e-Books offered via Coursesmart you can “check out” up to three chapters at a time to read offline.

Can I swap e-Books with my friends?

Terms and conditions vary based on the e-Book provider. Most are designated to be downloaded by a single user or accessed from one computer at a time.